Name: Sheyla Rzaeva

Date of birth: 08.06.1994

Education: Bachelor of Arts in International Studies at ADA University

MUN Experience: - chair in Balkan MUN 2014, ADAMUN 2014, YouthMUN 2015, YouthMUN 2016, MilliMUN 2016, Baku Oxford School International MUN 2016 - Secretary General of ADAMUN Club at ADA University (2015-2016) - participant in Latvian MUN 2015 (‘Honorable delegate’ nomination), OxiMUN 2015, Nakhchivan MUN 2016, Model UN Summer Camp 2016 Ismayilli

Value of MUN: MUN for me is a way to escape the daily routine in an interactive and academic way by meeting new people, researching on hot issues, debating and feeling yourself a representative of an assigned state


Participant Chair Member President