Name: Inji Nabiyeva

Date of birth: 28.04.1994

Education: Bachelor degree at Azerbaijan University of Languages in IR and Area Studies (American Studies)

MUN Experience: Participant of YouthMUN2015 (best position paper award) Dashkesen Model UN Summer School 2015 Intern of the joint project "Creating new platforms to support active youth engagement in the global policy debates" between UNDP Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Value of MUN: MUN is a very useful experience for diplomacy and political sciences students in order to improve their research, negotiations, public speaking, document drafting and other similar skills. Certainly, behaving like a diplomat facilitates students to have an explicit and real understanding of how international organizations do work. MUNs do not only make you to be more sensitive about the politics and not to ignore things happening around the globe. Every MUN is a new stage in your lifetime; you meet a lot of intelligent, smart, fun and cool people, you make friends who are your potential future colleagues at the same time. You leave every conference with superb memories and knowledge, skills and values gained - you can see the difference by each MUN.


Participant Intern