Name: Turkan Mukhtarova

Date of birth: 13.08.1994

Education: Bachelor degree at Qafqaz University in International Relations

MUN Experience: - Rome MUN 2014- Delegation of Botswana in Food and Agriculture Organization. - Qafqaz MUN 2014- Delegation of United Kingdom in General Assembly. - Youth MUN 2015- Delegation of Switzerland - Dashkasan MUN 2015-Delegation of Ukraine in General Assembly

Value of MUN: I have learned a lot from diplomatic way of speaking to preparing a working paper for draft resolution during my participations in different Model United Nations. These simulation games help us to practice what we have learned from books and make us feel like real diplomats. In addition, you can make new friends from all over the world, you can exchange ideas and finally you will have a wonderful experience that you cannot forget.


Participant Delegation