Name: Nigar Alimardanli

Date of birth: 15.07.1990

Education: Bachelor degree in International Law at Baku State University, LLM in Commercial Law at the University of Edinburgh

MUN Experience: - Participant of Baku MUN 2010, Baku International MUN 2013, Baku MUN 2014, Vienna International MUN 2014 - Director of Dashkesen MUN 2015

Value of MUN: “I think Model UN conferences deepen our understanding of the world; you feel the difference between reading about global policymaking from the books and being a part of it. Once you participate at MUN, you cannot ignore the things happening around the world anymore. MUNs also make us confident and help us to develop important values and skills, such as the ability to respond to different issues in a productive manner. At the same time, every conference is a chance to meet a lot of intelligent, smart and fun people, and make new friends.”


Participant Director