Name: Jamila Poladova

Date of birth: 10.03.1998

Education: BA in Accounting & Auditing

MUN Experience: Chair in 1st Model WTO; Director in 2nd MUN Summer School in Ismailli, Participant in UNEC MUN, MilliMUN, Baku State University MUN, Paris International MUN

Value of MUN: MUN is a perfect space for learning skills, that for sure will be useful in future, regardless of your field of studies. I learned a lot since i started participating and gained a lot of experience, like working with a huge group of people at the same time and properly deliever them my opinion and my point view. The thing I absolutely love about MUN is that people with totally different educational backgrounds, from Law to Chemical Engineering, manage to gather, debate and together find proper solutions. We all are different, yet we have 1 thing in common-huge desire for becoming better and changing the world. And this desire brings complete strangers together, unites us and makes us one big family


president chair participant