Name: Etibar Etibarli

Date of birth: 16.04.1995

Education: BA in International Economic Relations,ASUE University

MUN Experience: Participant of Dashkesen MUN 1st Summer Camp,UNEC MUN,1st National Model UN conference,1st Nakchivan MUN,1st WTO conference in UNEC,YouthMUN 2016 in ADA,2nd Summer Camp Ismayilli MUN

Value of MUN: A turning point in my life in the sphere of non-formal education and self-development process was my first interview held by the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan.It is the moment when i have understood that i am applying for something great,useful and remarkable in my life.The value of Mun for me i can not describe with one single is almost impossible.MUN allowed me to be a diplomat,who can feel the fate of humanity in the palm of my hands and to be aware that each decision we have taken have many implications.MUN has taught me so many values, the essence of friendship and peace, made me rise as a more beautiful and confident person and made me more human.I have gained so many valuable friends during the conferences... but at the same time not just friends but bright minds and marvelous ideas.Participating in MUN has opened my mind and helped me to discover pressing issues in the world.