Name: Sabuhi Khalili

Date of birth: 17.12.1993

Education: Bachelor degree at Qafqaz University in International Relations, MA in Diplomacy and International Affairs, ADA University

MUN Experience: - Participant in BakuMUN 2013, RomeMUN 2014, ViennaMUN 2014, RomeMUN 2015, Model UN Summer Camp 2015 Dashkesan (Best Delegate), BSU MUN 2016 (Best Judge) - Secretary General of ADAMUN Club at ADA University (2014-2015) - Chair in GSMUN 2016, MilliMUN 2016, ADAMUN 2014, ADAMUN 2015, QafqazMUN 2014, and YouthMUN 2015, YouthMUN 2016 - Trainer on the topics “Rules of Procedures in MUN" and "Model UN and its history"

Value of MUN: Model UN is a place where one can discover his weaknesses and strengths, get an opportunity to discover different ideas on diverse issues, develop critical thinking ability and more importantly establish new friendships


Participant President Organiser Chair Trainer