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Participation in MUN conferences contributes students’ personal experience. There is an opportunity for getting engaged in team work, making decisions, making a speech and showing diplomatic skills in preparing formal documents and negotiate during MUN sessions. Furthermore, simulations give a chance to gain new friends. I believe that, having a MUN experience students will be motivated for their future work in various international organizations.

Participant Head

My MUN journey started at Baku 2013 which has been new yet a life-changing experience for me, which is still going on. Considering the UN's important role in world issues, MUN simulations are great way for students who interested in IR, political, economical aspects of world problems, environment etc to get to know the UN structure as well. I have been lucky enough to volunteer in the role of Chair in UN HQ for the first time. I will take part being in charge of Logistics for the conferences in UN, every March from now on.  For me, MUN conferences are not limited with preparing students as future Diplomats, but also give the opportunity to express their ideas in front of a huge auditorium, work in team, meet with real diplomats, politicians, makers and talk to the, learn leadership and public speaking skills that all are significant characteristics in their future careers.

Participant Country Head