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MUN is a place where I got broad experience in international debates and a lot of positive emotions. Being an active member of the MUN conferences and sessions I experienced my debating skills as well as public speaking, in addition, MUN provided me with valuable leadership abilities

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MUN is an excellent tool of non-formal education which contributes to development of our knowledge on International relations and politics as well as improvement of interpersonal, oratory, writing and diplomacy skills

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Being participant at MUN simulation games, developed my UN practical knowledge which was important for my future education. Moreover, it’s interesting that you feel very special when all MUN members working on proposals or discussing to find happy middle of the situation or conflict. You feel you are doing great job! At the end, I can totally say that MUN changes the way of thinking , now you can have different aspects of any topic, as well as sitting around the same table with some international people making brain storming is another self confidence


MUN for me is a way to escape the daily routine in an interactive and academic way by meeting new people, researching on hot issues, debating and feeling yourself a representative of an assigned state

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MUN opens up a whole new world of opportunities to express yourself, listen to the opinions of others, cooperate, gain in-depth knowledge in different fields and explore your skills, talents and interests.

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MUN is knowledge sharing, improving skills, discussing and learning. It is doing new researches in each conference, updating existing knowledge, discussing different topics and realizing different perspectives. MUN is also meeting with new people, leraning from experienced MUNers and become a MUNster. MUN is freindship. MUN is family where all are strangers before and become a member of kindness and big family.


Provider of unique experience, comprehensive and interesting simulation

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