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Model UN Dashkesan Summer School

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The Summer School is a unique space for learning and collaborating that welcomes a diversity of participants, speakers and trainers from wide circles of contexts. In this space varied perspectives, experiences and epistemologies contribute to greater understanding and respect among people, encourage new thinking, and inbreath context-sensitive action and solutions.


Following these purposes, the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Azerbaijan and UN Development Programme within the framework of the "Creating new platforms to support active youth engagement in the global policy debates" joint project, as a next step in it, organized Model UN Summer School in Dashkesan Youth Education and Recreation Centre on 10-14 August 2015. More than 80 participants from different universities of Azerbaijan were assembled for this.


Summer School covered 2 topics: "Safety in international airspace," dedicated to the anniversary of the disappearance of Malaysian airspace Boeing 777s, and the "Representation of women in top management positions." Discussions of these topics were held in the UN General Assembly format. Along with 3-days simulation, Model UN Summer School also included training sessions on further development of research, speaking and presentation skills.

The first session already formed two coalitions, the first of which along with other countries included the USA and Russia (strange collaboration, isn’t it?); the second coalition included such countries as Malaysia, France, Spain,etc. Both coalitions worked on the preparation of the draft resolution, also day and night the representatives of coalitions tried to involve the neutral countries to their alliance for getting enough voices. All were looking forward to the day when the resolution will be presented. The main question was: “Whose resolution would be adopted, after so many days of hard work, intrigues, clandestine negotiations and unions?

As a result, after negotiations and voting, the resolution submitted by the Second Coalition, led by France, Malaysia and Denmark was adopted. At that moment, you would be able to see clearly revealed allies of both coalitions; on the one hand cheering representatives of the second coalition, and the other - the disappointed faces of the allies of the first coalition.

Second session was also full of emotions, failure of nerves, double games, negotiations and allies. At this session, Arabic countries with the African organized their own union and were joined by Russian Federation and its allies. Second coalition was a kind of latent and there were much more neutral countries at the second session in comparing with first one, what complicated the work of delegates in persuading them. Despite the fervent negotiations, intensive discussions, none of the resolutions has been accepted, at the same time almost all delegates were happy, because even if they did not win, but they were not defeated.

After came the time to name the winners. Thus, Sabuhi Khalili (therepresentative of RF) got  the “Best Delegate” award,; Natavan Safarova (the representative of France) won in nomination of the “Best Debutant”; Eltac Rustamli (the representative of Uzbekistan)  was selected the “Best Debater” and Mirkhaliq Kazimov (the representative of UK) won in nomination of the “Best Position Paper”. After all winners shared their impressions about this incredible experience, which  you, dear reader, can find on our website.


Another memorable day during the Summer School was on the 12th August, the Cultural Nightdedicated to the International Youth Day. Every participant prepared a presentation, song, dance and/or samples of national cuisine of each country represented. After Cultural Night participants were having fun at the party, also devoted to the International Youth Day. I would like to share with you some of joyful moments from that night which had very special athmosphere of friendship and joy


Considering that the joint project of MYS and UNDP includes such components as establishment of Model United Nations (Model UN) network in Azerbaijan and conducting the National Model UN (National MUN) conference,Model UN Summer School in Dashkesan served as a preparatory stage to the National Model UN conference. I have already talked to some of the delegates of Dashkesen MUN and everyone, including me, is looking forward to the moment when the application for the first National Model UN Conference will be open!

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