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YouthMUN 2015

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On April 25-26, Baku was hosting one of the most fruitful youth events - Youth Model United Nations 2015. The simulation was organized by ADA Model United Nations Student Club with the immense support and help of Ministry of Youth and Sport UNDP-Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan Youth Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The event was separated into two weekends, giving the prospective delegates a chance to get better acquainted with the rules of procedures and the topic itself, and followed with the next weekend’s simulation game of the Social and Humanitarian Committee (SOCHUM). The topic was chosen according to the discussions of the Youth Agenda taking place in UN headquarters in the concurrent timeframe.

The training session contained prominent guest speakers from public and international agencies, together with informative presentations on the tips of succeeding as a delegate and the ways to follow the rules of procedure. Due to the fact that for the event hosted the majority of newcomers of MUN simulations as a whole, there was a great interest and curiosity in the audience regarding the upcoming sessions.

During the two-day simulation game on the numerous problems to tackle regarding the youth policies, 70 participating delegates absorbed into discussions and hot debates, and found most extraordinary solutions and approaches that were reflected in their working papers. Closer to the end of the second day, the three draft resolutions were proposed, which can already be considered as success for one committee’s work. Each of the draft resolutions contained different approach and focus to the problems and their solutions, and most interestingly, differed with absolutely incredible composition of countries- sponsors and supporters. The extraordinary event had an extraordinary conclusion of non-recognition of any of the three draft resolutions. The end was unexpected for both delegates and chairs, and was a demonstration of the diversity of opinions and ideas by self-confident delegates and their supporters that would not give up their stands.

Besides the academic part of the event, the delegates enjoyed the venue of Sabunchu Youth House, the ‘rumours’ game proposed at the end, and the colourful breaks and lunches full of new acquaintances and inspiring music. The pleasant time followed with the issuance of certificates of participation, awards for the best position paper, the delegate using the rules of procedure in its best way and tradition, and the best debutant delegate. We ended up an event with the collective warm photo, and the interviews where the delegates were welcome to share their impressions of the event. 

05 September, 2015

Sheyla Rzayeva

ADA University

International Studies