ADAMUN Conference 2015

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  ADA Model UN club (ADAMUN) has organized its second annual university-level Model United Nations Conference with participation of students from ADA and other universities in Azerbaijan. It was the first time that two different committees (General Assembly Third Committee, Security Council) were simulated at the same time by the Club.
  In GA of ADAMUN Conference 2015, the participants discussed recent refugee crisis, and debated around how international community should respond to new challenges on this basis. Meanwhile in Security Council, the delegates negotiated on the policies and measures against international terrorism in the image of ISIS. Besides the members of SC, the states affected by crisis such as Turkey and Iraq were included to the discussions acting as observer states. 
  Conference sessions became a stage for interesting and intense discussions, from time to time leading to heated debates in the form of direct and indirect accusations among delegations. After two productive days, both committees were able to pass resolution, covering the measures directly targeting the issues on agenda.