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10 things to do in Azerbaijan

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1.Take by storm the Baku Acropolis and climb to the Maiden's Tower, which is connected with the romantic story.

2. Visit  Ateshgah, the place where the fire of The 1st European Olympic Games (Baku 2015) was taken from.

3.  Make a trip to the most mountainous village in Europe – Khinalyg.

4. Discover mud volcanoes in Gobustan.

5. Have a slow walk on Baku Boulevard which has an amazing view.

6.  Ask for a visit to a local grandmother and taste the real Azerbaijani breakfast with bread "tandir" and cottage cheese "shor"; also it worth to try homemade Azerbaijani cuisine and  drink the local tea, which is served in a traditional pear shaped glass (armudu) and sipped through lumos of sugar or jam that are held in the mouth - because Azerbaijanis are famous for their hospitality.

7. Buy at the Baku market a traditional rug, made in the best traditions of Azerbaijani carpet weaving. Try to weave a carpet by yourself at the Museum of Carpets opened recently.

8. Dip in Naftalan bath and feel like reborn.

9. Try baklava (pakhlava) in Gandja and Sheki.

10. Visit the historic cities of Azerbaijan, like: Nakhchivan, Ganja, Sheki, Gebele, where you can see the house of the bottles, historic mosques, fortresses  and etc.

30 July, 2015
Inji Nabiyeva
Azerbaijan University of Languages
International Relations and Area Studies / American Studies