World Humanitarian Day

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The author: Sheyda Karimova

37 countries around the world are torn by conflicts leaving 60m people with no other choice but to flee their homes. 130m people are in need of humanitarian assistance. Today more than ever humanity is in a dire need of humaneness.

On the World Humanitarian Day, we call people to stand in solidarity with those who had their lives severely affected by conflicts in their hometowns. Today, we call people to pay respects to the humanitarian workers killed in warfare. Today, we call people to share humanity.

Just a day before, a Syrian 5-year-old boy, Omran Daqneesh, saved from the debris of a building wrenched hearts of people around the globe with his imperturbable shock and bloodstained face reminding us all about the human cost of the war.

Omran Daqneesh, Syrian 5-year-old, waiting in the ambulance

He reminds us that to stop violence, we need to stand together. On this day, we call you to take action.

You can take this quiz to see the kind of world you would rather live in, or to see the impossible choices people in war-torn zones have to face. You can also get acquainted with the UN’s Agenda for Humanity.

Here is what some of the world leading organizations had to say about World Humanitarian Day.

What do you have to say today?