Model UN is a simulation game based on high-level intergovernmental meetings within United Nations, an organisation of states with up to 193 members. In Model UN the students take the role of presidents, prime ministers, ministers of foreign affairs or ambassadors, and try to find resolution for the issues concerning politics and international relations. Model UN Conferences differ from simulation game due to its being in larger scale, and most Model UN clubs hold Conferences once or twice a year. 

Model UN club is an institution coordinating the organisation of Model UN Conferences and other related simulation games and other related activities. Usually these clubs are based on the universities, and directed by the respective university’s students. Model UN Clubs also conduct various trainings on rules of procedure, how to write position paper and raft resolution, English and other topics interesting to its members

You may either open Model UN club on your own or you may join other university’s MUN clubs if the membership is not limited to that university’s students only. coordinators may provide you with necessary information to establish Model UN Club, once you get permission of the university for this project. To join other MUN clubs, you may check the clauses about membership on the statutes available in each section of Model UN club on this website. 

Thousands of students actively take part in MUNs, debating either at training sessions at clubs or at international conferences that are organized all over the world. The motivation for participation in MUNs is simple, yet very convincing:


·      improve your negotiation and public speaking skills

·      become a better team-worker and leader

·      get an insight into an UN diplomat's work

·      make practical use of your political knowledge

·      meet and stay in touch with students from all around the world

·      earn a valuable certificate

Delegate is the participant of Model UN representing one of member/observer states of United Nations. The delegate should focus on the position of the state he/she represents leaving his/her personal ideas about the issue on agenda. 

Chair is a member of Model UN organising committee responsible for the order and active flow of discussions in the committee. The chair presides the committee until the end of conference, and ensures the delegates abide the Rules of Procedure of Model UN

You do not need any previous MUN experience to participate in the Conferences. Participation is not limited to students/graduates of exact field of study either, but some background knowledge on politics and international relations would be an asset.

You may be informed about upcoming events following news shared on the Events and News sections of this website or MUN Azerbaijan Facebook page.